Common Sense Tax Reductions

Families are being hurt while our elected officials spend money without asking the important questions starting with the first thing families ask ...

"Can We Afford It?" That must end now, we must cut spending & taxes

The elected officials have been in power for so long that they have lost touch

with the families that have put them there which the tax increases hurt.

The career politicians have spent money as if there is a money tree growing in CT.

To them the "small increase" is nothing; but to working families &

small businesses that are struggling every increase hurts. 

Hard choices have to be made by everyone & that needs to start with excess

spending & wasteful items. There are too many pet projects & expenses that the

tax paying families & businesses should no longer be paying for.

Review & either cut or eliminate the items ​which are not a benefit to the

majority of people of CT rather than a select few friends of the elected.

The salaries & benefits of the elected officials are paid by the taxpaying public

& that is one of the places that I plan to start for Budget Reduction -

If you know of wasteful spending be sure to call & let us know.  

Additionally I want to see an end of CT Taxpayer dollars  being outsourced to

out of state & overseas companies; taxpayer money should be spent

employing CT Families by the State of CT contracts for work.


Are you ready for a Fresh New Start? 

Then join us & Elect Theresa Tillett for State Senate in the 2nd District

There should be a voice for the Families in the 2nd district; allow Theresa to be that voice

Putting CT Families First

Call 24/7 vm 641-715-3900 ext 327977#