Common Core - Should Not be Forced Upon CT  Children & Families

Local Control & Parental Choices are best for families

I first heard about common core from mothers in other parts of the country 

that were fighting both common core

or the other named program called C-Scope

I was quite shocked by what I was hearing

I asked some people if we had common core & most parents never heard of it

As I did more research into common core the worse it was sounding

I had the chance to meet Dr Saundra Stotsky as I researched common core

She was hired by the men who invented common core to give her stamp of approval to the program but after looking at it both she & Dr James Milgram refused to sign off 

Both have instead said the program is NOT ACCEPTABLE 

I feel that the program needs to be thrown out

We need to concentrate on the Real Basics of Education

​Reading Writing & Arithmatic in the lower grades

If the children have a firm foundation they'll be able to advance

​Do your research on Common Core PLEASE

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